Registration and Policies



The director likes to talk to future clients, if possible, before they sign up. You may register by mail or in person.

Contact Mrs. Leverett at 707.839.1816. Leave your phone number, name, address and email. Your call will be promptly returned.

To have registration form emailed to you - send request to [email protected]


As we offer several different programs at Trinity Ballet Academy, tuition fees vary depending on the program the student enrolls in. You will receive a fee quote over the phone or it will be sent to you.


Trinity Ballet Academy is a vendor for most charter schools in the area and also welcomes students from Indian Health Services Diabetics Prevention Program.


Hair for all classes:

Hair must be pulled off face and up in a bun.

Pre-Ballet and Beginning Ballet I:

Pink leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes.

Ballet II & III

Light Blue or Navy leotard, pink tights and ballet shoes.

Ballet IV - VII

Burgandy or Black leotard, pink tights and ballet shoes.

Boys & Men:

White t-shirt, black warm-up pants (not baggy), (or black tights with black shorts), white socks and white or black shoes. Dance belt is required for teens and men.


We are happy to have parents observe on Parent Observation Day. Parent Observation Day varies depending on program the student is in. Check with instructor.

* Please do not chat with your neighbors while observing class.

* For the privacy of our dancers and teachers no photography and videotaping is allowed.

* Please do not correct your child from the sidelines. It causes more distraction in the class.

* Keep in mind that children tend to exhibit more extroverted behavior when parents are watching. It is somewhat of a mystery to all of us teachers as to why, but it is truly a fact. If your child continues to exhibit overly exuberant behavior for more than a couple of weeks, the teacher will let you know. Usually, if the parent has a little chat with the child, before class time, this will correct that behavior.